Cleaning Services Pretoria

Cleaning Services in Pretoria

Looking for a cleaning services company in Pretoria? Are house chores becoming too much for you? Are you trying to free your time so you can focus on other areas of your busy life? Here are some cleaning companies to get you started:

1. Rub N Scrub Home and Office Cleaning
The Grove, Parktown Estate, Pretoria, Parktown Estate
Tel: 012 335 4174

2. Carpet Cleaning Pretoria by The Cleaning Specialists
441 Skilder St, Pretoria
Tel: 086 110 1789

3. Duster Dollies
59 Vorster Street
Pierre Van Ryneveld
Tel: 082 338 5140

4. MagicClean Home Cleaning Services
Tel: +27 72 750 3898

5. African Corporate Cleaning
699 Rubenstein Drive, Moreleta Park, Pretoria 0444
Tel: (012) 997 0576

6. Extreme Cleaning Services
Wonderboom Pretoria. South Africa.
012 567 1470

7. Sparkling Clean Domestic Services
Tel: 082 415 0307

8. Cleaning Contractors
Tel: 074 600 7218

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Before you decide on one, here are questions to ask them before you agree for them to be your service provider:

10 Questions to Ask Cleaning Services in Pretoria Before You Hire Them

1.The cleaners that they have as part of their working force, have they been trained properly and are they insured? The cleaners need to be able to do the job properly and it is important to know what the procedure will be, should something break or get damaged in their presence. Will insurance be able to reimburse you should something break or get damaged or will you have to replace it yourself or get your own insurance to replace it.

2. Can the cleaning company provide referrals of other people that they have worked for, who can attest to their great service and professionalism? The reviews that they have are important because it should never just be about what they say. They should have past and present customers who know their work and are satisfied with the service that they provide, and a good company should never have a problem in providing those referrals so you can find out for yourself. Another way of finding out if they are really as great as they say they are is to check out websites like Hellopeter to see if there have been complaints about them in the past.

3. Does the company have a proper legally binding cleaning contract that you can check over? Make sure that they have a contract that abides by the law, and make sure that you know exactly what you are agreeing to. Check the prices that they are charging and what they include, and be sure to ask questions for things that you do not understand or not sure of. Lastly, it would not hurt to have someone in your circle go through it, just to make sure that everything is above board.

4. Do the cleaners arrive in cars that are marked properly, and do they wear clothes that make it easy to tell who they are and what company they are coming from? This is very important, because you need to be able to identify them clearly. With the crime rates in South Africa so high, you want to be able to be safe and safe guard those around you that you stay with. Also, it will also be clear for the neighbours that its the cleaning company people coming to your house, and not some suspicious people where the police need to be called.

5. Is it always going to be the same people coming to clean your house every week, and will the cleaners be accompanied by a supervisor every time they come? It really helps when it’s the same people that you deal with, and of course they will get familiar with the house and exactly what needs to be done. This way, there is less chance of a miscommunication!

6.Ask them very clearly for what the bill is that will cover everything that you need done. The last thing you want is to have surprises when the bill comes, of extra charges of other services, so you need to be very clear. If you have other cleaning needs that you need, such as window cleaning, ask them what the charge is. Do they charge separately or do they bundle them up with the services that you need done right now?

7.Will they be using their own products or will they incorporate some of the cleaning products that you have? If they use your stuff, what will be happen if it breaks? Who will be liable to get it replaced or repaired?

8.Do they have a satisfaction guarantee? When they are cleaning your place in your absence, it is almost impossible to know what areas they did and what they did, because you are not there to see it all happen. So, ask if there is some sort of checklist for you to look at, at the end of each cleaning session. This will help you to better inspect the areas that get cleaned, and determine whether you are getting good value for your money or not.

9.How do they handle complaints or cleaning suggestions? It is possible that the cleaning part is not what you expect or is done the way you had expected it would be, what then? Would you have to speak to the cleaners, or is there a management personnel that you would address these issues with? It is important to know what to do in these cases, before you find yourself having to deal with it.

10. Are their cleaners trained in how to identify different surfaces that require special attention? Certain surfaces such as granite tops require different cleaners as compared to other surfaces. When the cleaners have to clean a surface that they have no experience with, what will happen? Is there going to be a supervisor who will be coaching them on what to do? Will training be handled off site? Can the cleaning services company show proof of the training that has been done?

This list, for cleaning services Pretoria, is only meant to give you some guidelines, on the potential issues that you may come across and those that you should ask for clarity on.

A company that has a good reputation will welcome any concerns and questions that you have, and they will do all they can to answer them openly and honestly.


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